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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 16, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning on this wednesday, november 16th. look like we have a little bit of fog hanging around our area. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox amorning news. let's check in with tucker barnes to get the latest on the weather. >> good morning! >> hi! >> we've got some fog, cloud cover and some rain showers breaking out across the area. be ready for a wet commute. it's not going to be pouring rain but we've got some showers. getting a little break at the moment except for our friends off to the south and west. really, just just up and down 95, we are seeing
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showers. temperatures are still relatively mild. 56degrees at reagan national. humidity, 100%. winds are out of the north and east at nine miles per hour. here is a quick look at the forecast. loads of clouds around, showers as well. could be a thunderstorm later this afternoon with highs in the low 60s. temperatures will be falling this affect as that colder air starts to move in. more details in just a minute. over to you. >> thank you. taking a look at some of the top stories, the secret service found a bull that smashed a glass one owe at the white house. this ended up being stopped by a ballistic glass shield. a second bullet was discovered outside of the white house. investigators are looking into whether the bullets are linked to a shooting on constitution avenue from friday night. the suspect in that case is still on the loose. occupy protesters in new york city are back in the park in lower manhattan this morning. police kicked them out again yesterday go late last night
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arc nudge said they could return but said their free speech rights do not include pitching tents. a man was shot by police at uc-berkeley after he he is raised a gun. it is not clear in the gunman was part of the protest. metro riders rushed to help a man in a wheelchair at the brooklyn station. witnesses say the elevator was out of service so he tried to go down the escalator in his chair and we have pictures of the rescue. fox 5's audrey barnes has more. >> i heard people screaming why aren't you helping him, why aren't you helping him? >> reporter: when anthony got of the train, he saw a map in a wheelchair trapped on the escalator. >> i came up the steps and i started snapping pictures. >> pictures of at least two metro employees stood by watching and not helping.
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>> this picture right here shows all these people, people coming in, asking them why aren't you all up there trying to help this gentleman. their response was he shouldn't have been on the escalator. >> reporter: he might not have been except the elevator was broken which passengers say is often the case. >> these elevators are always out. >> reporter: the elevator still wasn't working at 5:00 p.m. if the elevator is out, you can take a shuttle bus to the next station. you can take the escalator or the steps, all 42 of them. not good options for let issue amitchell whose son uses an adaptive stroller that doesn't fold up. >> they want you to hold it on a carry stroller and it is hard to do that because this does
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not break down. i have to go to another station. >> reporter: the metro spokesman stresses that it is never a good idea to take a wheelchair on the escalator. metro provides free shuttle bus service to the next stop at any station if the elevator is out. there is some good news for the wednesday commute. the elevator at brookland is back up and running at least for now. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> metro has 237 elevators. only 10% working on wednesday. sick were scheduled for maintenance. to sports now, way flurry of activity ends the game between caps and predators. troy browner gave washington the 1-0 lead with under five minutes to go but nashville would answer back with three goals. caps lose 3-1. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all
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of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. ow. it is 4:30 on this wednesday. we made it halfway through the week, folks. you can see there is a little bit of fog hanging around this morning. it is kind of wet out there. you may have heard the rain coming down. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tucker barnes for another look at the weather. i could hear it this morning. >> generally speaking, we have enough to wet the roadways. slower commute is what that means. >> and the leaves are down. >> yes, we are wait (indicatining rain showers breaking out across parts of the area, particularly north and west of the city. we are watching more rain move in from the south and west. an area of low pressure that will be riding along that front.
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showers in the forecast all day today. it won't be a soaking heavy rain all day but we'll have periods of rain throughout our day. temperatures will be aling cooler than yesterday and they'll be falling. we'll get some sunshine back here starting tomorrow. today will be a wet one. temperatures, 56 the winning number in washington, baltimore, dulles, dover. >> dover? >> yeah. 54 in hagerstown. lots of clouds, showers, could be a rumble of thunder, maybe a thunderstorm later today too. 62 in washington. 60 in waldorf. 69 the high temperature in martinsburg. so yeah, day of transition. cooler tomorrow. >> let's see how the roadways are looking out there now with julie wright. a little bit wet. it could be a mess this morning. >> it could be. we do have the combination of leaves on the found and the wet pavement o this long and winding road coming in from the west off of route 7, the
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georgetown pike, that could make for a treacherous commute. my trip in out of gaithersburg this morning, i was using the wipers at times and other times not so much. allow extra time out there. if you are traveling south on 270, no problems reported out of rockville. the pace is good head southbound working your way out to the american legion bridge by way of the outer loop. you will find there is no construct on the beltway this morning traveling between 270 and georgia avenue. you will fine that on 66 eastbound coming in out of manassas, a nice easy commute. stacy cohan is live near the white house. good morning. >> reporter: we are just
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outside the white house. it is not illuminated for us but it is back there. they did find two bullets. one was stopped by a ballistic window and another was found outside the white house. we have a photograph of the man park police are looking for in connection with the shooting on friday. his name is oscar ortega hernandez. some witnesses reported hearing gunfire near the white house and seeing two vehicles speeding away. later, police found an abandoned vehicle. inside that vehicle was an ak- 47 assault rifle and various items connecting it to hernandez. hernandez has apparently been arrested several time before in the midwest mostly on drug charges and an assault on a police officer. he has not been found. we have no information from the secret service as to whether or not the bullets they found at the white house yesterday are
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connected to that weapon or to ortega hernandez. back to you. >> thank you. president barack obama has fulfill his promise to visit australia after a long delay. he arrived in the capital city oversight. he has a -- overnight. he has a full schedule today. the president canceled two earlier visits. also new this morning, prince george's countiy police are investigating two separate killings. first, in oxon hill. police were called to the 700 block of morey avenue around 11:00 last night they found a male laying in the street with gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. a a few hours earlier, a very similar scene in district heights. this one in the 2100 block of county road. police also found a man lying shot in a parking lot. he died at the scene. police do for the have suspects in either of these cases. no word if they think the cases are related though.
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fairfax count you police are investigating an incident of a man jumping into a car at a shopping center. investigators are examining surveillance video of a woman confronted by a man at the fairfield plaza in merrifield. it is the same place where vanessa pham was found last summer. a loudoun county teacher resigned after being arrested. the principal called police on monday when other teachers said they smelled alcohol on his breath. officers a his blood alcohol content was over the legal limit after .08. he is charged with being drunk in public. the debate continues in montgomery county over a possible teen curfew. the county council held a public hearing last night and
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opinions were kind of mixed on this. fox 5's wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: the proposed montgomery county curfew would work like this. sunday through thursday from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and friday and saturday starting at midnight, anyone 18 and under would have to be off the streets. >> the proposed curfew bill punishs the great majority, the greatest majority of under 18 residents who are behaving properly. >> reporter: councilman phil andrews had some concerns too. >> the curfew is unjustified because youth crime is down in montgomery county and a curfew is an incredibly blunt way to try to get at misbehavior by a few people. >> reporter: so at a public hearing, councilman andrews talked about his alternative 511 which is about loitering and prowling. >> that is what the loitering prowling bill would do is give police the opportunity when they see someone doing something that is a threat to
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other people or property to intervene before the actual damage happens. >> i've been a victim of a crime. several years ago, three boys broke into my home while my family slept and robbed us of our possessions and our security. >> reporter: rebecca likes the loitering prowling bill. >> unlike the proposed curfew, it is based on behavior rather than age and time of day. it's measured and target approach to addressing suspicious or menacing behavior that is a threat to people or property. >> reporter: some say the loitering bill is even worse than a curfew because it is vague and uncheer. >> americans expect our legislators to only craft unambiguous, absolutely necessary laws that don't infringe on our rights so i hope you won't pass this one. >> that was wisdom martin reporting. a huge boost in retail for the district as we learn wal- mart's plans are even bigger than before. what we can expect at an announcement today that is coming up this half hour. occupy wall street protesters may be doing a lot
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less occupying. what a judge's ruling means for their future. time now is 4:38. we'll be right back. 
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seventeen preschoolers killed in china. their overcrowded minibus was taking them to school when it crashed into a truck. two adults on the bus were also killed. the bus is desooned to only carry nine people but was packed with 19. i the occupy wall street protest is becoming less of an occupation now that a state judge has ruled the demonstrators cannot continue to camp out there. the judge says the first amendment does not extend to setting up camp for months. police swept through to arrest protesters early yesterday. they were allowed to come back to the park in lower manhattan but without tents or sleeping bags. in california, police ended up shooting down a man with a gun at the university of california at berkeley.
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officers cornered him in a computer lab. they say they shot him when he raised his gun. this all went down as thousands of occupy protesters were gathered for a demonstration. the man's condition has not been released. a former pennsylvania county prosecutor says he passed on a report of alleged child abuse by jerry sandusky in 2009 because of an indirect connection to sandusky's family. the case was given to the state attorney general's office headed at the time by now governor tom corbett. it is referred to in the 23 grand jury report as victim one. the "new york times" is also reporting that as many as 10 new victims have contacted authorities. the new crew of the space station arrived overnight. a russian spacecraft carrying the new commander, american astronaut dan burbank, and two russians, dock ad head of schedule this morning. it blasted off on monday. the mission was delayed for two months because of a failed
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russian launch in august raised doubts about future missions. clothing going high-tech. coming up next one woman's business venture that could change what we wear. plus, some welcome news about the dulles toll road and your bank account. we'll explain that one coming up. >> i need the good news. we have rain showers in the forecast this morning. they will be with us throughout the day today. you want to bring along an umbrella. julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic coming up in just a minute. my name is ashleley.
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taking a live look outside right now, you can see the washington monday innocent in the distance. it is actually good that you can see it even though we have a little bit of fog out there. how would you like to within a free thanksgiving dinner? all you have to do is find tom turkey. can you hear him making that turkey -- you can hear him making that turkey noise there. >> a gobble. >> that's it. a gobble. i just couldn't think of the word. just find him on one of of the stories on our web site at and you can win.
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>> it has been warm, rainy but it won't stay that way. >> nothing too extreme. we are not talking about 20s, 30s, maybe 50 next week. >> that's about where we're supposed to be. >> yeah, seasonal. we've had some rain overnight. getting a little break and now the rain is starting to push right back in across the city and points south and south and west. there is a live look at your hd radar and yeah, you can see it moving right on it. moving quickly here from the south and west. now, inside the beltway, we're getting light shower activity. steadier rain, in fact, moderate if not heavy rain here. la plata, waldorf, you will get some pretty good rain shortly. all of this pushing off to the north and east. this will be the theme around here today. we'll have periods of rain an even the possibility later this afternoon we could hear a rumble of thunder as our cooler and drier air tries to work in from the north and west. let's push on and show you the
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satellite-radar. the frontal system is finally right overhead. look at the rain out to our west and just ride along that front like a train on train tracks later today. that will bring us periods of rain. bottom line, you need an umbrella today. probably a jacket. even though temperatures will be in the low 60s. the temperature will be falling during the course of the afternoon into the 50s. and it will feel like a cool, rather raw day for you out there. as we get into the nighttime hours, more showers and then tomorrow we'll kick this whole thing to our east slowly and we'll get some sunshine back in the forecast by tomorrow afternoon. it is going to be cool around here with highs only about 50 by tomorrow afternoon so much cooler weather on the way. not too bad right now, 56 at reagan national. 57 in leonardtown. 58 in annapolis. 54 in frederick. cloudy skies, showers, t-storm likely. just kind of a raw day out there. winds out of the north at five for 10. cloudy skies. check out tomorrow's daytime
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high. only about 50 degrees with clearing skies during the course of the day. cool on friday. check out the overnight lows by the way. even here in washington, we'll be flirting with the freezing mark. that will be real chilly. the weekend looks dry with temperatures rebounding in the mid-60s by sunday. that is a look at weather. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> i'm not ready to hear about the freezing mark at all. >> just a little bit. >> i'm not ready for that. >> you'll never be ready for it. >> this part is true. >> on the roads right now, you will find a little bit of wet pavement, a little bit of road spray and the wipers will be moving as you make that trip into work. we do find lanes are open on the outer loop of the beltway past colesville road headed over towards 270. inner loop of the beltway is in good shape, no problems to report. 395 in both the express lanes and the main line, you will find you are at speed as you continue out towards the 14th street bridge. easy drive right now coming
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inbound suitland parkway and south capital street headed for the douglass bridge in southeast. no problems to haven't as you travel headed into northeast. the cost to drive the dulles toll road may not be as expensive as first predicted. the washington examiner reports the tolls will be $8 round trip by the year 2019. that is $13 less than originally predicted. the money raised from the toldz will help pay for the dulles metrorail project. the reduction in tolls is due in part to a plan to cut a billion dollars from the cost to build the rail line. speed cameras in the district appear to be working. a aaa survey found on 70% of the roads it monitored, drivers have eased up on the gas. the survey also credits speed bumps and more police presence. among the slower spots, the anacostia freeway, canal bridge and 16th street. later today, wal-mart will announce plans for six new stores not district.
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last year, the discount chain said it would be moving into cities and urban areas. one area is the skyland town center in southeast, a place district leaders have pushed for in the past. a consumer alert now. heads up for you wear contacts. cooper vision is recalling five million lenses shipped to customers. the recall now includes the averi sphere and the aver ato ri. c lenses. they could be linked to eye injuries and severe pain and blurred vision. it is one of those topics that makes some people a little uncomfortable. a business woman in our area decided to tackle the hush-hush nature of underwear issues. beth parker has a report. >> reporter: behind closed doors. >> i have a lot of women friends and we hang around, people talk about things.
4:51 am
>> reporter: they talk about relationship issues, work stress, sweaty underwear. that's right. >> when you are talking to women, they get it. >> reporter: like a lot of women, angela was not pleased with the way her cotton underwear held up after a long day or even an hour at the gym. >> i wanted to find something that would do better than that. >> reporter: the northwest d.c. resident took action armed with a hard veterans day mba. she create a fix and a business. >> they are embedded into the cotton. >> reporter: the product called knockout is designed to keep underwear odor free and also dry. watch what happens when she pours a quarter teaspoon of water on the cotton liner. >> see out they are turning white then. that is where the fineers are dry on the top. she bought the patent for an odor fighting technology called no trace. it was originally used to make hunting gear. >> you figure if it works for animals, it ought to work for
4:52 am
us. >> reporter: she talked her mom into making the prototype on a family trip. >> she said i thought we were on a vacation together. i said bring your sewing machine. before long, she was approaching manufacturers, most of them male. they say what, i don't know about this. i would say just go home and ask your wife. >> reporter: the underwear is now being manufactured in south carolina. >> it makes me very happy when women come up and say i love your panties. or i'm wearing them. >> they firmly believe what will make people buy this product is word of mouth. >> this is something that women tell each other about but what we're finding is that that is the best marketing you can have. when someone says i own this product and i love, it is that the best you're going to get. >> reporter: knockout panties are now in 100 stores in the u.s. and canada including here at filene in chevy chase. anybody can buy knockout
4:53 am
online. >> we have teenaged girls who wear these. we have 70-year-old women who wear these. >> reporter: she hopes the growth continues with new styles like boy shorts and t- shirts. the technology is be even being tested by the military in hot climates. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want more information or want to purchase some panties, head to our web site, prices range from $24 to about $38 a pair. tucker, i know you do want some. time to check out today's my fox half off deal. for just $29, can get $192 worth of services from gilda's beauty. to get in on this deal, go to and look for my fox half off on the right-hand side of the page. coming up, a fox 5 follow- up. a possible hit to sports programs at the university of maryland. coming up next, the latest
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the caps scored the first goal of the game with under five minutes to go against the predators but then collapsed. nashville netted three goals in the waning minutes. caps lose this one 3-1. they are 4-4 on the road this season. to the redskins now as they gear up for dallas. skins' inability to republican the ball is a big reason they have not won. -- to run the ball is a big
4:57 am
reason they have not won. >> i thought we had that over the first four games but we haven't had it over the last five games. we are trying to get back to that. it's group of people working together. the key is not the production of the running game. that is the key to be effective and we're not as effective as i would like to be right now. duke beat michigan state at madison square garden to give coach k his 903rd victory. that surpasses bobby knight for the most wins in division one men's basketball history. tony bennett and virginia hosting winthrop. this one would stay close into the second half. virginia wads uply three but winthrop would answer to take the lead. virginia went on a 28-4 run to
4:58 am
win the game. the nba league canceled all games through december 15th. a total of 324 games have now been lost. that translet's to more than 26% of the season. the news came just hours before locked-out players filed two antitrust lawsuits against the league in at least two states. we have some bad news for many student athletes at the university of maryland actually panel that is helping the school tackle a major budget deficit is recommending the university cut nearly a third of its collegiate sports teams. students are not giving up without a fight. on youtube, the lobbying has already started. viral videos urging save the terps actually commission's recommendation means the university of maryland may be closing the door on eight of its 27 varsity teams on the chopping block, tennis, swimming and diving, water polo, track and field and tumbling. >> the programs that are getting cut probably shouldn't
4:59 am
get cut. we should try to find money from somewhere else. >> if i was on the swim team, i wouldn't be happy about it. but you have to understand, it is kind of of like a business. everything is about money nowadays. >> it is all about the numbers. the school is facing a multimillion-dollar deficit. at maryland, football is not generating as much money as they once did. >> i don't think we generate enough money with football and basketball and stuff like that. we are kind of in a rut. we have this goat ourselves out. i understand where they're coming from but i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: the university says current students will able to keep their scholarships even if their sport goes away. >> there is a certain thing about actually playing the sport that means something to somebody. i used to wrestle back in high school and that meant something to me saying i actually wrestle. i have the skill to do this sport. sport. straight up 5:00 now on this wednesday morning and the rain is falling in the district. this is a live picture from h street down


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